GeofileOps 0.9.0.post3#

GeofileOps is a python toolbox to process large vector files faster.

Most typical GIS operations are available: e.g. buffer(), simplify(), dissolve(), intersection(),… You can also run custom logic by using apply(), select() or select_two_layers().

The spatial operations are tested on geopackage and shapefile input files, but geopackage is recommended as it will give better performance. General layer and file operations can be used on the file formats supported by GDAL.

Different techniques are used under the hood to be able to process large files as fast as possible:

  • process data in batches

  • subdivide/merge complex geometries on the fly

  • process data in different passes

  • use all available CPUs

The following chart gives an impression of the speed improvement that can be expected when processing larger files. The benchmarks typically use input file(s) with 500K polygons, ran on a Windows PC with 12 cores and include I/O.

geobenchmark spatial vector operations performance chart